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Rainbow snippet – Lessons in Love

Very excited that the first Cambridge Fellows book is available once more, in kindle format from Endeavour Press. And with a snazzy new cover (see below.) Seems right to share an excerpt from it today:

Jonty had been right. The food at the Bishop’s Cope turned out to be hot, tasty and in splendid quantities. The two men could only manage the barest soupçcon of apple pie for pudding before admitting defeat. They stretched their legs and enjoyed the warmth of the fire.
“Did you have a favourite pub in Oxford, Coppersmith? I always loved this one, and the Mackerel, when we weren’t in disgrace with the landlord.”
“I rarely went to any pubs, Stewart. Always too much studying to be done.”
Jonty slammed his pint onto the table. “And you a rugby player? Surely you allowed yourself a bit of refreshment after a match?”
Orlando sipped his beer, deep in thought. “Sometimes—but not habitually.” He sighed and looked around him at the glowing pots and friendly faces. “Perhaps I made the wrong decision.”
Jonty clapped him on the arm. “Never too late to learn to appreciate life’s pleasures. Let Dr. Stewart lead you astray.” He laughed and finished his beer.
Orlando watched his friend relishing his pint. There had been some scant hint in the last remarks that he couldn’t work out. It reminded him of what had happened the previous evening, before the porter knocked at the door—that fluttering sensation in the pit of his stomach. And he couldn’t fathom that out, either, despite applying all his powers of logic.

There are plenty of other snippets at the Rainbow snippets group.

Lessons in Love

“But that’s my baby!” (i.e. the joys of being edited) plus how best to research WWI (two more blog posts)

Today I’m at Dog Eared Daydreams, discussing the way that authors have to get their minds around being edited.

Then at Two Chicks Obsessed I’m considering how best (IMO) to research the Great War.

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The power of the sub-conscious – latest blog tour stops

Have you ever considered the way the writer’s sub-conscious can influence their stories? Am talking about that at Love Byte Reviews.

Over at Open Skye, I’m telling again the story of how a set of timbers at a mill inspired me to write,

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