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I’ve been sorting out my free stories into a more logical system (Orlando would be so proud of me…) Rather than lots of single tales, I’m putting them together by genre.

Newest freebie is Secrets. Sea serpents, ghosts and the love that dare not speak its name. 

Want more Adam and Robin? Read Lindenshaw extras.

Want more of my actor laddies? You’ll need the The Alasdair and Toby stories.

For other mysteries, including the first one I ever wrote, go to The Mysteries.

For a selection of romances, sweet and bittersweet, read A quartet of romances.

Fancy a werewolf or a weresloth? Try The Shifter Stories.

Some of these stories contain adult themes.

Cambridge Fellows Universe:

Various missing scenes and other frivolity in A Cambridge Miscellany

The adventures of Jonny Stewart, being Jonty’s great-nephew – Jonty wasn’t the only Stewart to have an inclination to go sleuthing.

Spies, Planes and Automobiles. A crossover between the Cambridge Fellows and Elin Gregory’s Eleventh Hour.

Cambridge Fellows alternative universe tales – in which I almost fanfic myself. And others.

Jonty and Orlando being their usual daft selves in Sauce for the goose

Treacherous doings from St Bride’s great rival…The porters lodge – Stories from The College Next door.

Fancy a bit of Jonty, Orlando and Alan Turing? The Boy from Kings by Charlie Cochrane

Jonty and Orlando have a big falling out and need a touch of the Bard to rescue them. Charlie Cochrane Bloody Mathematicians

Jonty and Orlando go to the cricket – and mayhem ensues. Once We Won Matches.

Jonty and Orlando celebrate Christmas Charlie Cochrane_My True Love sent to me

We don’t know that it is murder

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