Free downloadable stories

Some of these stories contain adult themes.

Latest additions:

Oh what fools these mortals be – a Cambridge Fellows alternative universe story suitable for midsummer.

Three not-your-usual-shifter stories – a whimsical and slightly peculiar shifter trilogy.

twas but a dreame of thee – a Cambridge Fellows alternative universe story from Charlie and her partner in daftness, Jaccers.

Cambridge Fellows Universe:

Spies, Planes and Automobiles. A crossover between the Cambridge Fellows and Elin Gregory’s Eleventh Hour.

Jonty and Orlando being their usual daft selves in Sauce for the goose

Treacherous doings from St Bride’s great rival…The porters lodge – Stories from The College Next door.

Fancy a bit of Jonty, Orlando and Alan Turing? The Boy from Kings by Charlie Cochrane

Jonty and Orlando have a big falling out and need a touch of the Bard to rescue them. Charlie Cochrane Bloody Mathematicians

Jonty and Orlando go to the cricket – and mayhem ensues. Once We Won Matches

Jonty and Orlando celebrate Christmas Charlie Cochrane_My True Love sent to me

Others, in order of when they’re set:

The first mystery I ever wrote (and it’s a medieval one!) A sort of proto Jonty and Orlando I think. A Man Lay Dead in Winter

My first published story, Aftermath, (from 2008!) now with added epilogue.

The bombs are raining down over London but romance is still possible! Blitz by Charlie Cochrane

The Roaming Heart An introduction to Alasdair and Toby from Home Fires Burning

The Uneven Chance How Roger and Miles from Dreams of a Hero met.

A WWII veteran returns to Normandy Commission and Omission

Sloths Tales of everyday weresloths. (Yes, you read that right.)

A Certain Man was Sick A ficlet I wrote for the Dorothy L Sayers ‘Murder in the Cathedral’ 500 word story competition.