Latest news, and a bit about me and my upcoming appearances

Latest releases –

TwoFeetUnder_200x300 Two Feet Under, the third Lindenshaw mystery from Riptide.

Lessons in Love Cambridge Fellows books being relaunched by Endeavour Press with some lovely new covers! We’re up to Lessons in Power so far.

CountTheShells_400x600 Count the Shells, historical romance from Riptide.

LessonsMurderousSepia800  Lessons in Loving thy Murderous Neighbour.



As Charlie Cochrane couldn’t be trusted to do any of her jobs of choice—like managing a rugby team—she writes. Her favourite genre is gay fiction, sometimes historical (sometimes hysterical) and usually with a mystery thrown into the mix. She’s a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, Mystery People, and International Thriller Writers Inc.

To sign up for her newsletter, mail her at, or catch her at Facebook or twitter. She’s one of the Deadly Dames who may be coming to an event near you.

If you want a taste of her style, try the free reads: you can find them all here.

Latest award:  HNSIndieShortlisted2016for  Pride of Poppies

Where to catch her next:

UK Meet 2018

Author picture thanks to the multi talented Temple Dragon.


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19 thoughts on “Latest news, and a bit about me and my upcoming appearances”

  1. I can’t order books 1-8 in the Cambridge Fellows Mysteries series from Samhain any longer, but only 4 books #9 etc from Riptide. Any suggestions where to go for the 8 books? Thank you.

    1. Long story and complicated answer! The first 8 books were with the now defunct Samhain; you can get the first one in audio version. The others are contracted to another publisher and awaiting re-release. Books 8-12 are with Riptide and still available. There are various short stories on my free stories page of this website and I’ve just published a novella length story on Amazon.

      If that makes no sense or you need more help, please let me know.

      1. Thank you for replying. I think I get it. Either wait for the books to be re-released or search for the old copies in used bookshops.

      1. I am currently in the Middle East, though I have a US for mail. I prefer print copies due to migraines.

        On a related note, I wish so many authors wouldn’t make their titles an Amazon/Kindle exclusive. It makes things difficult for readers in other parts of the world.

    2. I sympathise ref Amazon – I’m intending to put my few self published works on other places, too, but haven’t had time to explore them yet. I also sympathise ref print, as I only read print versions. I have spare copies of some of the first 8 books but not all, alas.

      1. Do you have book.2 by any chance? I found book.1 but book.2 is going for ridiculous sums on Amazon.

  2. Having just finished Book 1 earlier today, I too am chomping at the bit for books 2 through 7! Maybe I will go buy the available ones from Riptide now in case they are unavailable later by some mischance. Love starting a new series… very impatient about waiting haha!!

  3. Just bought Lessons In Trust from Amazon today – so thrilled that its been reissued – now all I need to really make my life complete is the reissue of All Lessons Learned – any idea when, Charlie?

  4. Don’t just enjoy them – love them! You are such a clever and accomplished writer, Charlie, the world you conjure up for Jonty and Orlando and the various members of the Stewart clan is so well drawn and believable. And I like the little bits of silly stuff on the web pages too!

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