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Another review.

I’m grinning from ear to ear at our latest review from elissa_rolle, which can be found here.

“Charlie Cochrane wrote a very tender and sweet novella. It reminds me a lot two of my favourite movies (and one of my favourite book): Chariot of Fire for the setting and Maurice (both movie and book) for the characters. Also like in Maurice there is the dilemma of one of the two characters if loving another man could be only limited to a spiritual sharing of minds, quite the idea that sex will taint a pure love, almost the feeling that for a noble soul, sex is something dirty. But when there is love, true love, can two lovers nurturing themself only with a sharing of minds and not of bodies?”

First author chat!

I’ll be involved in two chats today (takes deep breath at this point), one at Coffee Time Romance yahoo group, here, where we’ll be giving away a download of Speak Its Name, for after its release date. And we’ll be daft enough to betaking prompts from readers and writing drabbles from them. Come over and prompt us, please.

There’s also a Linden Bay authors’ chat at Love Romances Cafe: here.