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Review for Lessons in Love and forthcoming interview

“it was the characterizations that were really outstanding. ”

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I’m doing an author interview at Wave’s blog this Wednesday where, among other things, I reveal something about myself I’ve never told anyone online…

Thanks to Wave for all her support these last few weeks!

Romance at Heart review for Lessons in Love.

“Ms Cochrane has brought us a story of love, yes, it is a story of the love between two men, but that doesn’t stop it from being a wonderful tale, a beautiful story, and an exciting mystery.”

“These are men who have a code of their own, honour of the highest quality, and who are able to admit to themselves and each other that feelings can and do run deep, and passion truly can be a blessing shared.”

Read the full review here Romance at Heart Magazine.

There’s also an interview with them here.

Another review for Blitz

“The book has an excellent start – a great first line, first paragraph, which pulls you into the story immediately – tells you where you are, when you are, who’s thinking/talking with a bare minimum of fuss. This is a rare talent in my experience, you only need to read the Dear Author first page posts to see that.” Did someone as brilliant as erastes really say that?

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First review for Blitz

“Adam and Hugh’s characters were well done even though this was such a short story. The book managed to be quite funny even with the threat of bombs and blackouts hanging over everyone. I felt as if I was actually living in London during the blitz because the author’s world building was so detailed and seemed so real.”

The full review can be found here

Thank you, Wave.