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First review

I feel rather like I did when I’d given birth and someone said “what a lovely baby”.

“The story is a good mix of romance and plot; the relationship between Orlando and Jonty has the lion share on the plot, leaving the investigation on the killing in second line, never interfering with the development of Orlando and Jonty’s exploration of love. Even if the relationship reaches and deepens to a sex level, it’s never in graphic details, always maintaining a sweet romance grade.”

The full review can be found here.

Lessons in Love on sale now.

It is my great pleasure to announce that ‘Lessons in Love’, the first Cambridge Fellows Mysteries book, is up and available at Linden Bay Romance and All Romance ebooks.

A romantic mystery (or mystery with more than a touch of romance), you can read an excerpt here. To set the scene, Orlando has got rather tipsy at a rowing club lunch, stripped off in Jonty’s rooms, then taken a bath. At present he is both sober and mortified.

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I’ve been nominated for an award!

I was e-mailed yesterday to say that I’d been nominated by one of you kind readers for the REC Awards.

The proposer put me up for rookie of the year category for MM authors, but that category doesn’t exist, so I ythink it might end up in ‘Sweet romance “All other Genres”, which is all m/f apart from me.

More news when I have it, but a huge thank you to the person who put me forward.