In anticipation of the launch of ‘Speak Its Name’, in which my story ‘Aftermath’ features, I’ve got some beautiful promo postcards of the cover.

E-mail me at and I’ll draw out a couple of winners whom I’ll send a card to on the launch weekend. Will keep this open until May 23rd.

‘Aftermath’ – update

Well, the last month or so has been an enormous learning curve for me. Choosing titles, choosing cover pictures, organising publicity; I’m so pleased I was doing all this as part of a triumvirate or else I would have been drowning. (Writing the story really was the easy bit.)

The latest joy has been doing an edit. Actually, I’ve learned an awful lot about my shortcomings (someone should restrain me from the use of my beloved semi-colons and from changing point of view all the time).

That said, the editing will be finished tonight, I hope.

Note change of working title

To avoid clashing with a forthcoming work of the same name, I’ve a new working title for my part of the trilogy ‘Speak its Name’. It’s to be known as ‘Aftermath’ (at least for now…)

The E-book should be out on June 1st; then 4-6 weeks later there’ll be a print version. Nearer the time you can order it from Linden Bay or Amazon.

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I have a story going into print (and can’t quite believe it)

I have a story (set in Oxford, post World War 1) that’s going into a trilogy – alongside works by lee_rowan and erastes! Working title for my bit is ‘Aftermath’.

Hoping for a summer release for the e-book and then into print. (See those flabbers over there? Mine’s the gasted one…)

Tiny little spoiler here:

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