Charlie’s newsflash – it’s advent!

Just a reminder about two things and notification of another.

Advent calendars go live today. You’ll find this one at RJ’s site: I can’t say when I’ll pop up, but there are prizes on offer every day. Lots of fab authors.

RJ Scott Advent graphic 2022

Then there’s one full of stories, which will be linked courtesy of Alex Jane. Again, I can’t say when my tale will appear until the day of the event. Again, loads of cracking authors taking part.

 And last, but by no means least, I’ll be reminding people via my blog of the numerous free stories, Christmas themed and otherwise, that I have lurking about. Today, I’m flagging up one of my earliest freebies, My True Love Sent to Me, for which I still have a special affection. Jonty and Orlando getting grumpy with each other and then making up again – that’s something I do like.

Happy reading!


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