Holiday round-up – and the losers are…

“Safe and sound at home again…” We’ve had a cracking time and now I’m ready to make some awards. Today we have the naff end:

Worst experience: Blackpool tram. Rammed with people and we were the only ones wearing masks. We walked 1.6 miles back to the car in the drizzle rather than repeat the experience.

Most disappointing place: Berwick-upon-Tweed, which has tremendous history but a terribly run down town centre.

Weirdest place: Helensburgh. Amazing residential area – wide avenues laid out in a grid, with lovely houses. Town centre/sea front – like an inner city.

Greatest food let-down: square (Lorne) sausage, which is nowhere near as delicious as it used to be. 

Least successful art shot: this one

2 thoughts on “Holiday round-up – and the losers are…”

  1. OK, I admit I had to squint a bit at the photo in its mini version to figure out what it is (or maybe I need new glasses). Click on it for the larger version and it’s obvious of course. Run it through a blur filter though and it could be interesting abstract art.

    I took a work related trip to Farmington, Missouri, about 75 miles south of St. Louis and what a difference–nary a mask in sight. A strange feeling and, given how politicized masks are over here, maybe even a little scary, since I continued to wear mine.

    1. It was odd (the mask thing) because both Scotland and Northeast England were pretty hot on them and other measures. Not politicised here and seems to bear no pattern ref who does and who doesn’t.

      I think one of the things I don’t like about the picture is that the waterfall is lost.

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