If you have the chance, this is a must see

Mr C and I went to see an extraordinary (free!) exhibition in Southampton this morning: twelve da Vinci original drawings, including anatomical studies, plants and animals, word puzzles, etc. It was nothing less than stunning. Not only were the works themselves fascinating, there was a real sense of being in the presence of genius. I kept saying, “I can’t believe Leonardo touched this paper…”

There are exhibitions of Leonardo’s drawings all over the UK at present. If you get the chance to go, please take it.


2 thoughts on “If you have the chance, this is a must see”

  1. At what price envy? Living in the tropics, no matter how wonderful, does have its cultural drawbacks. I’ll soak up your pleasure and joy by osmosis from 10,000 miles away.

    1. I do feel guilty sometimes posting these things because it can be a bit smuggerella, but in this case I want everyone who can to go and see them. (And it’s rare we get proper culture in our neck of the woods.)

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