Year starts well part 2!

Lessons in Chasing the Wild Goose got a mention in part 2 of Padme’s list of books of the year. “This duo is so dynamic and fun to read that I will always 1-click this series.”

Also, my other pair of detecting lads are also talking to me. Tricky to choose an excerpt that doesn’t give away a spoiler or two for Old Sins, but here goes…

“What’s up?” Adam said, as Robin re-entered the lounge. “You look like you’ve lost a tenner and found five pence.”
“Not quite. Not an ideal situation, though.”
“That’s what Brits say when it’s the end of the world.”
Robin grinned. “It’s not as bad as that. I have to go off on secondment, as of tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll be a short one, but you can’t tell with murder. Or with peritonitis.”
Adam made the that’s gone right over my head gesture. “I’m sure that’s supposed to make sense but you’ve lost me. Secondment to where?”
“Hartswood. It’s a town between Oxford and Birmingham, east of the M40. There was a murder there a week ago. Don’t know if you saw the story—bloke found dead in the loos at a rugby club.”
“I was a bit pre-occupied last week, but yes, I did see the story on the BBC site. Why can’t the local police handle it? Test Valley or East Midlands or whoever covers the area?”
“Bit of a long story. Can I go and change my shirt from where I was gardening and I’ll tell you over dinner?”
“Might be an idea. You’re just a touch fragrant.”

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