Last Rainbow snippet of 2018!

Here’s a smidgeon of Second Helpings, a bittersweet story (with a happy ending) of taking your chances when you can.

“Stuart! Thank God you’re here,” his father said as he opened the door and almost dragged his son through it. “Got a crisis.”
Stuart’s heart sank. He wasn’t prepared to deal with any sorts of crises.
“First batch of Yorkshire puddings sank. Like a U-boat had torpedoed them.”
“Is that all?” Stuart replied, relieved.
“All? All! It’s a national calamity.” Dad flung open the kitchen door. “Look at them.”
“Blimey.” Stuart poked one of the sad little flattened rounds, then ran his finger along the tin. “Is this new?”
“Yes. I decided the old one was too disgusting.”
“Don’t tell me you threw the thing out? You can’t make Yorkshires except in a grotty old tin.”
Dad threw up his hands, sending a flurry of flour into the air. “How was I supposed to know? It’s here somewhere.”

Loads more excerpts at the Rainbow Snippets group.

Old kitchen table rural cottage morning

11 thoughts on “Last Rainbow snippet of 2018!”

  1. ROTFL!! We’ve been having Yorkshire pudding in my family (and many a pudding crisis…including the stubborn density of this Christmas) since before I was born…this makes me feel a lot less lonely! 😂

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