2018 – releases and re-releases to come

I’ve had a few queries about when the Cambridge Fellows books 9 to 12 will be re-issued through Endeavour, which reminded me that I haven’t done a ‘state of Charlie’s publishing’ post in a while. So…

Cambridge Fellows (all from Endeavour media): the schedule is

October 19th: Lessons for Survivors (CF9)

October 26th: PRE-RELEASE: Lessons for Idle Tongues (CF11)

November 2nd: Lessons for Suspicious Minds (CF10)

November 23rd: FROM PRE-RELEASE: Lessons for Idle Tongues (CF11)

December 7th: Lessons for Sleeping Dogs (CF12)

And there’ll be another Cambridge Fellows novella, winter themed (inspired by The Beat from the East) planned for release in December.


Re-issue of ‘The Case of the Overprotective Ass’ along with a new Alasdair and Toby mystery, later this year from Williams and Whiting.

The 4th Lindenshaw book, working title Old Sins, currently being written.

Already released this year:

Two Feet Under (Lindenshaw book 3)

Pack Up Your Troubles

Not to mention the Cambridge Fellows re-issues! Excuse me while I go for a lie down.



5 thoughts on “2018 – releases and re-releases to come”

  1. Such industry – good work . I think the best compliment I could give is that Charlie continues her ‘indefatigable’ success …good to hear also, that a snowbound number is in progress .Those snowy afternoons in Cambridge with wind behind the snow straight from the Urals , I remember them well, and a little Jonty and Orlando warmth would be just ideal.

  2. Just started Fellows 8 and so far haven’t stopped crying which must shows how deeply you draw us in to the world and characters you create. I think this will be a hard read! But I’m resisting scanning ahead and hoping to find the later stories and more o n Kindle in the course otherwise I shall have to get them shipped to Spain!

    1. So pleased you’re enjoying them, Robin. O promise all will be well in Fellows 8. (Have you discovered all the short free stories and general silliness on the Fellows page of my website?)

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