Rainbow snippet – Awfully Glad

It seems right, on Remembrance Sunday, to post a bit of Awfully Glad.

By the time Browne appeared in the office, Sam was ready to bite his secretary’s head off, even as she simply announced the man’s arrival. He remembered his manners in time, asked for tea for them both, and rose to greet his visitor with as businesslike a smile as he could manage. The appearance of the man himself just perplexed him further. Browne was darkly handsome, with a charming smile, a deep voice, and an unmistakable ex-military manner.

Yes, we met in wartime rather than since or before, and out in France rather than here at some establishment, Sam thought. A rugby connection, too. Maybe somebody he’d just shared a pint with after a match? The sense of relief was palpable, although he tried not to let his guard slip. He remembered that whenever or wherever they’d met, he’d found the man attractive, as he did now. Thank God he hadn’t let the handshake linger a little too long.

“Please take a seat.” Sam ushered his guest into the chair. “I believe you’ve come into money and want some advice on investments?”

“You believe correctly. May I?” Browne produced an elegant silver cigarette case.

“Of course. You don’t mind if I don’t join you? I gave it up.”

“Then maybe I shouldn’t put temptation back in your way.” Browne made to slip the case back in his inside pocket.

More excerpts at the Rainbow Snippets group.

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