Rainbow snippet – and a chance to win an ebook

Today’s snippet is from Broke Deep, which is out on Monday (although you can get it from Riptide right now.) There’s also a Broke Deep related question at The Romance Reviews event where one lucky winner will get something from my backlist.

“It isn’t you, Morgan, it’s me.”

Trust James to have ended things with a cliché. Maybe he’d typed Dear John letters into Google, cut and pasted what he’d found, changed the name John for the name Morgan and copied out the resulting text longhand.

“It’s been great, all of it, but people change. We’ve grown, and not in the same direction.”

The James he’d spent so long with wouldn’t have been able to create such eloquent prose, not without his secretary taking his rough notes to make them into something impressive, as she’d done for him in the past. Please God she hadn’t been allowed anywhere near this.

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18 thoughts on “Rainbow snippet – and a chance to win an ebook”

  1. James sounds…unpleasant. I can’t decide if it’s worse to let your secretary type the letter or just do it by text message.

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