World war one commemoration/Mystery week combined

I’m sure there are a number of mystery/crime books set in WWI but my poor old brain can only think of one, but it’s a good ‘un.

I read Andrew Martin’s The Somme Stations a couple of years ago and enjoyed it hugely. He writes a cracking mystery, does Mr. Martin, and the Jim Stringer books are always entertaining.


2 thoughts on “World war one commemoration/Mystery week combined”

  1. I need to catch up with that series: I had the first on audio, but then I moved house.

    ‘A Duty To The Dead’ by Charles Todd is set in 1916, and I seem to remember the war playing a big part, but I didn’t rate the writing at all.

    The Daisy Dalrymples are set post-war, but the war overshadows pretty much every story.

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