Inspiring places – and what makes them so

Am guesting at The Novel Approach where I’m chatting about some of the places which have inspired my writing.  Do drop in and have a gander.

(And as I wrote the title to this post, I kept thinking of dear old Eric and Ernie – “All men are fools. And what makes them so is having beauty like what I have got!”)

2 thoughts on “Inspiring places – and what makes them so”

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a film running through my head. In some ways it makes writing easier but in others it makes it hard to explain to other people! My husband, for example, says he doesn’t get many mental images at all and regards my constant visualisations as something akin to witchcraft. And yes, my editor has to ask for clarification of details I’ve left out because I could see them but didn’t bother to describe them! I can use any places that have impressed me as story backgrounds because I can call them up mentally any time. Your experiences of Cambridge must have been very life-changing and you have made excellent use of them!

    1. So pleased to meet a fellow visualiser, especially one married to a non-visualiser (as Mr C is). I find the same when I read – the stories that really engage me play like a film in my head.

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