Rainbow snippet – In the Spotlight

Delighted to say that my two contemporary theatrically related short stories, All That Jazz and If Music Be, are now combined for re-issue in one e-book. And they’re available for pre-order.

Here’s a bit from All That Jazz, which centres around an all male production of “Chicago”.

The first lines of “All That Jazz” sounded seductively, in Francis’s bell clear voice.
Freddie watched his friend slink across the stage. From the third row of the circle, his favoured place for observing any show, he’d have bet fifty quid that the average punter wouldn’t have guessed Francis wasn’t a woman. And a bloody attractive one at that. One of the—straight—stagehands had made a pass at the ‘leading lady’ even though he must have known damn well that the entire cast of this production was male. That was the whole bloody point.
The bit about the noisy hall and the nightly brawl came and went.
Francis was holding it up well, the slight nerves which had come across in the opening lines fading now into an assured performance. He’d have to give as good as this when it came to first night. Novelty value was all very well, but if people didn’t believe they’d had their money’s worth from their night at the theatre then no amount of innovation was going to compensate for them feeling hard done by.

More excerpts at the Rainbow Snippets Group.

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