Happy things for a grey day

Spring has sprung chez Cochrane, with the daffodils appearing today.

009 010

And have had a positive response ref my submission to the Call for Arms anthology. More news anon! Manifold is still taking submissions – go on, you know you want to write something.

BTW Don’t forget that if you need one of the first 8 Cambridge Fellows books you have only a week to buy them before Samhain shuts.



2 thoughts on “Happy things for a grey day”

  1. We’ve got some crocus nearly out but no daffodils yet. I realised I didn’t have all your Cambridge series and have raided Samhain. Thanks for the reminder! I have also somehow managed to persuade gmail that your WordPress posts are not spam… it was an uphill struggle and I don’t understand since they’ve never done it with any other blogs I follow. However, you are now appearing in my inbox, as you should!

    1. Gmail has some very odd ideas ref spam. As do other accounts ref gmail (I had to set up a whole new e-mail addy to use for sending stuff from mailchimp). Well done ref the Samhain raid. Some good bargains to be had there.

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