Newsletter 168

By the time you get this I should be in possession of two fewer teeth (dirty great big ones, too!) which should make my mouth a happier place. And if you get this at an odd time, my scheduling has gone up the spout.


Always fun to belatedly find a good review (this one was from last June!). It’s for the audio version of Lessons in Love.
“This was a lovely historical mystery…” read more at Books, Coffee and Captured Moments.

My next full length romance, Broke Deep, is up for pre-order.

Here’s an exclusive, unedited snippet:

Late morning, the doorbell went off with its horribly insistent tone. Morgan smoothed his hair and put on a smile—the best sort of smile he could manage on a day when he’d woken at five o’clock in the morning and not managed to get back to sleep. The fact he’d been having an erotic dream involving James hadn’t made things any easier.
He was bloody glad he’d made some effort on his appearance when he glimpsed the vision of hotness through the hall window. This had to be a lost surfer boy or someone who’d come to the coast to find himself a job as a lifeguard and then somehow got hopelessly off track. It couldn’t be Dominic, because blokes like this didn’t usually knock on the door of Cadoc for any legitimate reason to do with the occupant.
Morgan hesitated, hand on the doorknob. If real life was like a gay romance book, this would be Dominic and they’d bond over a discussion of James, one full of shared hatred for the bloke. The next minute they’d be taking a romantic walk on the beach and maybe tonight they’d drag each other up the stairs and…
The doorbell rang again and Morgan realised he was still standing fantasising. He opened the door in a rush just as “surfer boy type who might just be Dominic” had turned to go back down the path.
“Sorry I took so long,” Morgan said, as brightly as he could manage.
“I thought there was nobody in.” Surfer boy smiled, which reignited memories of last night’s dream. Morgan squirmed. “There’s a bloke here to see you, only he’s gone off to take some pictures and he asked me to come over and say he’d arrived.” Surfer boy waved airily in the direction of a bright red hire car, parked next to the gate.
“Are you a friend of his?” Surely this couldn’t be Dominic’s boyfriend, although a twin brother would be good.
“No. We met on the plane and when he heard where I was heading he said he’d give me a lift, so I didn’t have to wait for a bus. My girlfriend lives up on the main road.” Surfer boy grinned, looking stupidly handsome, even more so for being clearly unavailable. “Stroke of luck on my part. Eh?”
“You did well for yourself.” Morgan sighed as he scanned the line of the hedge. “Has your chauffeur gone walkabout?”
“Probably. He seems a bit of a fanatic; something to do with ships or timbers or whatever. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention.  I bet he’s seen an interesting piece of wood and gone to take a sample or something.” Surfer boy—straight, unavailable surfer boy—smiled again, then adjusted his backpack. “Right. Unless I want a dose of earache I’d better be on my way. Bye.” He turned on his heels and walked off down the path towards the gate, duty done.
“Bye,” Morgan answered, watching him go and wondering why life was never like gay romance books.

Don’t forget:

Deadly Dames will be at Portsmouth Book Fest trying to sound intelligent and amusing on the subject of ‘Nemesis with knitting needles’. Saturday 18th February,
Tickets available now! Do come and insult—sorry, consult—us. You’ll be able to see the post-teeth op mess my face will be in.

And finally, one of the places that inspired Broke Deep.

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