Rainbow snippet – Jury of One

Am presently trying to finish off the third Lindenshaw book, so here’s a snippet from the second, Jury of One.

An hour later they were snuggled up on the sofa, like they had in courting days—days when they’d had to exercise a load of self-restraint because of the potential complications. Now it didn’t matter if they shared a sofa, or a kiss, or a bed.

“You’ve been incredibly understanding about the hours I’ve had to put in.” The red wine was beginning to speak loud and clear. The apparent difficulty in enunciating those simple words was an unmistakable sign that Robin had overindulged. He was likely to have a hell of a headache in the morning, which wouldn’t help on top of the lack of sleep that would probably result from this evening. He had that gleam in his eye. “I always knew you were wonderful. Add that to the fact you’re gorgeous and I want to snog you more than I’ve wanted anything all day. All week.”

“Big smoothie.” Adam leaned into the kiss. “Do they teach you this stuff at police college?”

More Rainbow snippets at the Facebook group.

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