Newsletter 165

Almost the big day! Wishing you all a truly blessed Christmas and a good new year. (2017 has to be an improvement on 2016, surely?) I’d also like to thank you all for your continuing support and the smiles you never fail to bring to my face. I’ve always thought the saying “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade” to be really daft, until the last two years. The Cochranes have had their share of lemons, but the lemonade has flowed.

A Christmas present to you from me and the lovely Elin Gregory.
The Cambridge Fellows/Eleventh Hour crossover, Spies, planes and automobiles is available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers, then gets let loose on the rest of the world in the New Year. There are car chases and guns and jealousy and some very silly episodes. Does Orlando have the legs for a dress? Discuss.

The car took off, showering Miles with gravel as its narrow tyres fought for purchase on the loose stuff of the road. Miles cursed, his ears still ringing with the shots fired, and lowered Anderson to the ground. “Where are you hit?” He scrabbled at the front of the man’s coat, parting the fabric to reveal sodden cloth.
Anderson clutched both hands to his side, panting with the pain of it. “Don’t let him get away. Go on. I’ll deal with the police.”
“You need a hospital, man.”
“Flesh wound. Painful, not fatal. First time I’ve ever been grateful for the extra padding. Get on, Siward. Don’t let this be for nothing.”
“All right,” Miles worked quickly, wadding up Anderson’s scarf, pressing it to the wound and closing Anderson’s hands over it again. “Just don’t die. Naylor will have my guts for garters.”
“He’ll have your guts for garters if Polzin gets away.” He batted Miles hands away.” And so will the police if they catch you dressed like that.”
Which was true.

Other news:

Have recently done a couple of blog posts that you might like. My top ten things about Christmas is over at Dawn Roberto’s  and Alex Beecroft and I are discussing gay/heterosexual historical romance at the Macaronis’ site.

And finally, the Cochranes’ dining room looking suitably seasonal.

With love


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