Newsletter 164

Only 16 (count ‘em!) sleeps until Christmas. I am so excited it’s ridiculous. I know, not dignified for a woman of my age, but I approach this season like a big child, loving every mince pie and carol service.

News (and there’s lots of it!):

Lessons for Sleeping Dogs was third placed in the Rainbow awards Historical category. Icon. One of the judges remarked, “Ms. Cochrane has the ability of leaving you guessing until the very end, leaving you making assumptions throughout the story.” Am thrilled skinny!

Wild Bells is now fully unleashed on an unsuspecting public.  Its first review (at The Novel Approach) said, “Charlie Cochrane’s historical fiction is the chicken soup for my soul.” So am thrilled skinny twice over.

Talking of The Novel Approach, I’m being interviewed there today, sharing some tips about writing historical fiction. Feel free to drop in and ask me questions. (I can’t, alas, supply Saturday’s winning lottery numbers.)

The free 500 word story, A Certain Man was Sick, is now available to everyone at my free fiction page. If you want to know who died in the cathedral and why, it’s all there. You’ll find another free story coming exclusively to newsletter subscribers next time (23rd December). This is a Cambridge Fellows/Eleventh Hour crossover which I wrote with the multi talented Elin Gregory and which involves spies, planes and automobiles.

And finally,

Not yet got this year’s tree up, so here are some highlights from last year’s.


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