Something positive

I ain’t going to pretend the vote didn’t happen. The people have spoken, as they spoke over Brexit. We may not agree with them but that’s the risk of living in a democratic society.

What we can do is carry on shining a light in our small corners. Cos if we don’t, they will really have won. So I’m going to try to post something positive as oft as I can, starting with this.

Some of you will know the story about the war grave I tend, which I spruced up this week ready for Remembrance Sunday. I remembered finding an article about Billy Clegg-Hill on Peter Tatchell’s website, so in a mad moment on Monday I wrote to the bloke and told him how odd it was that I should have ended up looking after this grave. Didn’t expect a reply, but lo and behold, I had a most charming one arrive this morning.

What a nice man. What a force for good.


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