Newsletter 160

This is always a momentous weekend as it sees the return of the European rugby competitions, so if I time things right I can sometimes see as many as 8 games Thursday through to Sunday. Be still by racing heart… 


Don’t forget that there are all sorts of book bargains to be picked up in Riptide’s 5th anniversary sale, including some of my books at silly prices. Fill one’s boots time, methinks.  

The lovely Elin Gregory and I are ignoring what we should be writing to spend some time on a mad crossover ‘self fanfiction’ between the Cambridge Fellows universe and her novel Eleventh Hour. (Her leading man Miles definitely had Jonty as a tutor when at Cambridge so this was always at risk of happening.) So far we have a car chase, an angry Orlando, a Jonty who is being Jonty-ish to the nth degree and a perplexed AA man. And the intention of putting in some very daft jokes.  

Talking of Elin, it’s not long until the Queer Company event. Last time I heard there were still some places left so if you want to come and hear me on Alex Beecroft’s panel about reality in fiction, nip in quick. 

And finally…

As summer ebbs away, here’s one of my favourite castles seen on an August day. Why do I like it so much? Best place in the world for lizard spotting.




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