Rainbow Snippet Lessons in Love

My ‘firstborn’ full novel, Lessons in Love came out in 2008 and it still bounces along. Latest version was the audiobook, which came out just this year. It’ll always have a particular place in my heart.

They crossed the Fellows’ Garden arm in arm, frost crackling beneath their feet. Suddenly Jonty stopped and raised his finger to his lips. They were in the deep shadow of one of the trees, black shades against the night, hardly able to see each other, let alone be seen by anyone else. He pulled at the arm linked into his, drawing Orlando closer until they were face-to-face, chest-to-chest, breath coming rapidly and not just because of the cold.
“Little bit of unfinished business to attend to, Coppersmith.” Jonty’s strong fingers stroked down Orlando’s face and touched cold lips.
Orlando could feel the fluttering sensations—those strange little vibrations that always appeared when he was close to Jonty—dancing in his stomach again. “Out here, Stewart? Anyone could come along.”
“Ah, but they won’t, will they? Dare to venture out on this treacherous ice, I mean. And there are no doors here for people to pound on and interrupt us. There’ll be no interruptions at all this time.”
And at last Jonty managed to give his friend a real kiss.

Find a gazillion brilliant snippets at the Rainbow Snippets group.



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