Newsletter 159

Afternoon all. Autumn is definitely in the offing, with wind getting up and bedding plants looking decidedly sad. However, autumn means rugby so life isn’t all bad. (And I’m still super inspired by the Olympics and Paralympics.)


Aftermath – my very first published story back in 2008 when I was only 29 (she lied) – is now up on my free fiction page having been exclusively available to newsletter members only for the last fortnight.

Next year sees the release of two stories of mine in the Porthkennack universe.  Cover art is almost done for the first one, Broke Deep (a contemporary romance with a darker side) and I’ll share it as soon as I’m allowed to. The other story is set just post WWI, talking of which…

I’ll be recommencing the WWI centenary themed posts next month. Have posted something on the 4th (to mark the start day) and 11th (to mark the end day) of the month since August 2014, although this summer I got a bad dose of life – don’t ask – and things went to pot. You can find the older posts here.

And finally…

Some appropriate foliage.


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