Newsletter 158

You’ll be pleased to know that a) UK Meet went really well and b) it was suitably short skirt weather. We’re having a year’s sabbatical, so let’s hope the old pins are up to being aired in 2018.


My very first published story, Aftermath, was in a now defunct anthology, “Speak Its Name”. It’s been unavailable for a while, but – tah dah! – here it is again, with an entirely new epilogue.

I resisted all temptation to rewrite the earlier part of the story as my writing has developed an awful lot since 2008, but I decided against that. Take it as evidence of how my ability with words has improved!

My newsletter subscribers can access an exclusive download of the story (I do like to give them freebies) for a fortnight, and then it’ll go onto my free fiction page.

And with the Paralympics in full swing, I’m pleased to remind people that I have possibly the only Paralympics swimming themed story in existence, Tumble Turn.


Have got the rights back to some of my early short stories, with a view to self publishing them. More news when I have it.

And finally…

It being Olympic year, here’s something to rekindle fond memories of the Olympic stadium, Super Saturday 2012

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