Highlights of UK Meet – part the second

We had two stunning keynote speakers, Shaun Dellenty and Liam Klenk. They were both charming, articulate, passionate and wonderfully sensible. I was lucky enough to lunch (and laugh)with them both days and enjoyed every minute of our chats.

One of the themes of this year’s meet, at least in the team’s mind, was respect and both these speakers reflected that. Really moving speeches and a celebration of the fact we are all individuals and should neither be stereotyped nor labelled.

And here are two people who defy all labelling – myself and Liam Livings.

4 thoughts on “Highlights of UK Meet – part the second”

  1. Both Shaun and Liam are examples of the Best (and Bravest) of peeps. I have no words to express how moving both these speakers were to me. I learnt a lot. I recognised that we need to support (and push!) this information into the main populace (and not just into schools – although that is amazing!) .

    I am in awe of the bravery of these two guys (although I shouldn’t be!)

    And both you (Charlie) and Liam (bless!!) are amazingly brave/outspoken/honest/(whatever)

    **hugs** with strong regards/respect…


    1. Your comment echoed my thoughts – we’re doing this in schools, but we should be doing it everywhere. Not least in churches.

      And thanks for the kind words ref me and Liam. We could never be less than honest.

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