Newsletter 157

Am all of a divvy doo dah getting myself ready for UK Meet, which starts tomorrow. Do I take the brand new dress I got for a wedding next spring and debut it at the Rainbow dinner? Do I have a skirt short enough to live up (down?) to my reputation?


I’ve been answering questions hither and yon (luckily none like “What were you doing the night the bank was robbed?”) including at Rachel Brimble’s and as part of the Summer’s Day blog tour. If you follow the link in my bit of that second post, you’ll find a really heartwarming story about one of our UK Meet keynote speakers.

Always good to see the old warhorses on offer and there are some good deals on the early Cambridge Fellows books on Amazon at present, also a great deal on the whole series.


Have almost finished the additions to Aftermath, my very first published story which is now out of print and not available anywhere but the dreaded pirate sites. Once it’s complete (and a little epilogue is taking on a life of its own so that’s taking longer than expected!) I’ll be sending it out to all newsletter subscribers, free and gratis.

And finally…

in case you missed it, Jonty’s new obsession (or it would be if Orlando let him buy one!)




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