A Summer’s Day

Title: A Summer’s Day: Shakespearean Anthology with a Twist

Authors: Nephy Heart, Louise Lyons, Rebecca Cohen, JL Merrow, Charlie Cochrane, Asta Idonea, Dianne Hartsock, Rory Ni Coileain, Kathy Griffith, M LeAnne Phoenix, Phetra H Novak, Rian Durant

I was delighted to get involved with this scrumptious project. I mean, “It Gets Better” plus Shakespeare – who wouldn’t want to be part of it? Here’s a snippet from my “Twelfth Night” inspired story, “If Music Be”.

It’s Shakespeare, you know,” Eddie added, aware of the appeal the Bard had.
“That’s not fair. Which one?”
“‘Twelfth Night’.”
“Ah.” Funny how that play kept coming up today. And appropriate, too, given that Rick was sitting like Patience on a monument, smiling at grief. “Who have you still got to cast?”
“Bit parts only, I’m afraid. I didn’t think you’d be interested in anything too big at the moment. Do you fancy Antonio, the sea captain?” The serpent in the garden couldn’t have spoken so temptingly.
“Depends who he’s played by.”
“Very funny. I meant do you fancy playing him? It would help out an old mate. And it’s not a big part, as the—”
“Actress said to the bishop.” Rick looked at Coldstream, but the cat was keeping his own counsel, as usual. Antonio might be a small part but the character was intriguing, not least because he was one of two Antonios Shakespeare had portrayed as gay. “Okay. I’ll do it. Just for you.”
“Magic. It’ll be good to have you as my wing man again. Although I promise it won’t be as bad an experience as ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’.”
“I’m pulling out if it is.” Rick shuddered in remembrance of a particularly spiky old bat who’d played one of the leads. “E-mail me with all the details.”
“I’ll do it right now.”
Eddie had a good, logical mind, and he was a doer. He also possessed a disconcertingly honest streak that meant he’d soon tell Rick if his return to the stage wasn’t working out. This might be all right. Maybe.
“Am I barmy doing this?” he asked Coldstream, but the cat just went back to licking his tail.

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