Rainbow snippet – Promises Made Under Fire

Not contributed to this for a good month, so it’s a big excerpt this time! From Promises Made Under Fire.

I won’t embarrass you by offering my thanks for your being such an excellent colleague these last few weeks or months or years or however long it is
before you read this.
If you survive me, and I daresay you wouldn’t be reading this if you don’t so that’s the statement of an ass, then I have a request to make of you. I have more than one, to be honest. Please visit my mother and tell her I’m sorry I wasn’t more of a correspondent. Letters aren’t my thing, really. Don’t say anything mawkish, because she wouldn’t endure it. Never suffered fools gladly or enjoyed being driven to public tears. Tell her some of the most idiotic things I did out here and she’ll be grateful. Then everyone can remember me with a smile.
The other thing’s a bit more delicate.
Could you possibly find time to go and visit a chap called Ronnie Palmer? If he’s moved when you get there then maybe you’d be kind enough to try and track him down. You can tell him what you like about me, it won’t be anything he doesn’t know.
If you could also give him the letter that’s inside this, I’d be grateful. Can’t stick that one in the post and risk someone getting a butcher’s at it.
Maybe I’ll see you on the other side if there is one.

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10 thoughts on “Rainbow snippet – Promises Made Under Fire”

  1. Oh, wow. Well, I’d like to know what led to the writing of this letter, for sure, and then I’d like to know what’s in the letter to Ronnie that can’t go through the post.

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