Anyone else slightly underwhelmed?

By the trailer for next year’s Sherlock? What I used to love about this show was its humour, its slyness, its sense of fun. Now it just looks like every other thriller.

Here’s some English country garden to cheer us up.

IMG_0809 IMG_0811 IMG_0812

3 thoughts on “Anyone else slightly underwhelmed?”

  1. Lovely garden pictures! It’s been so dry here, so much is wilted or just gone brown.

    I gave up on Sherlock, I’m afraid. I loved the first season, but soon after that got very tired of feeling like the show creators were enjoying treating the audience like fools. I have switched to Elementary, which I prefer immensely.

      1. If you do take on Elementary, I shall be very curious to hear your thoughts! It’s taking a different set of the characteristics of the Doyle canon Holmes and Watson than the Moffat version does, and I think the updates to a modern context work quite well.

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