Newsletter 154

Iechyd da from Welsh Wales where we’re having a lovely holiday – lots of walking, excellent food and plenty of great surprises like a rugby sevens tournament to watch.


Smashing review for Jury on One over at Promoting Crime Blogspot.  “It is thoroughly enjoyable and well-paced, with several strands to the mystery and a sharp, tense conclusion.” Cool beans!

I’ve been blogging at the Contemporary romance café about what influences an author’s writing and inspires the stories we relate. Do drop in and tell us what influences you!


I take a writing break when on holiday, although this year I’ve felt compelled to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) to write something in remembrance of the 100th anniversary of the first battle of the Somme commencing. You can find it at the Macaronis blog.

And finally…

We often find unexpected delights on holiday and this year has been no exception. Very kind of the Red Arrows to do a display right over our rented cottage.



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