Rainbow snippet – A man lay dead in winter

This is one of the many stories you can download for free at my free fiction page.

It’s the first ‘proper’ story I ever finished and features a proto-Jonty and Orlando.

. He returned to find a supper laid for him on rough wooden trenchers, the wine poured into a single horn cup.

“We’ll have to share, Horace. Perhaps the cottager has taken his finest golden tableware with him to grace his kin’s table while they welcome the Christ child afresh.” Johannes smiled kindly. He knew that the finery he enjoyed at Horace’s manor was far beyond the reach of most of the people he walked this life with.

“If it snows like this all night we’ll have been so grateful for the shelter that I’ll send him a pair of the finest goblets I can rustle up. Truly, dead man or no, I do not think we would have necessarily made our way safely back home before the weather set in. It’s coming from the south and I hope that Kenwyn can ride before it.”

“Then please God he makes it to Hywel safely and is given bed for the night. Perhaps we might see a thaw in the morning and they can reach us then. If not, we will have to make do. And our friend out there won’t be any the worse off for the cold.”

Many a gem can be found at the Rainbow snippets FB group.

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