Rainbow snippet – Lessons for Sleeping Dogs (which is on flash sale today!)

Just for today you can pick up a bargain copy of Lessons for Sleeping Dogs at Amazon or Kobo.

Jonty and Orlando (my fictional detectives) discuss the (real life) death of Michael Llewellyn Davis:

“Michael couldn’t swim too well. And that is a fact, not a conjecture, because it came up in conversation at the cricket, and I remember thinking it odd that anyone should have such a fear of water.”
“Where did this drowning happen?”
“Somewhere on the Thames.” Jonty frowned. “Stamford?”
“Not Sandford pool?”
“That sounds right. You’ve heard of it?”
“I’ve been there. If that’s the place I’m thinking of, it’s a bit like a weir pool, the Sandford Lasher. Nobody in their right mind would bathe there.” Orlando shivered. He knew of someone who’d damn near come a cropper there. “Why on earth were they swimming in that particular stretch when there are plenty of other better ones? Especially for a nervous swimmer.”
“I have no idea. That makes me even more suspicious, though.”

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