Guest author – Christopher Calix

Am welcoming another fellow Lethe-ite today. Christopher Calix is the author of Dead Celebrities.

What inspired you to start writing?

I had too many stories, fantasies and scenarios in my head to not write. I’ve written since I was young, but it took a while to master the discipline of actually finishing what I started.

Do you have another job (paid or otherwise) apart from being an author? If so, how do you juggle your time?

Unfortunately, yes, I have a real job. I do much of my writing after work and on weekends.

What did it feel like watching your first book fledge and leave the nest?

Totally and absolutely surreal. I didn’t believe it was truly happening until I held the physical copy in my hands. The strangest part was hearing a sample of the audio version. Another voice reading my words was a very odd and exciting thing.

Are you character or plot driven? What do you do if one of your characters starts developing at a tangent?

I think you have to be both. They both drive each other. A character’s agenda and personality will dictate the plot, and the events of the plot will inevitably change and alter the character.

If you were in a tight corner and had to rely on one of your characters to save you, which would it be and why?

That’s tough as many of my characters are slightly terrible and not to be trusted. I would probably go with the protagonist, Carter. As long as he was sober at the time.

If you had no constraints of time and a guarantee of publication, what book would you write?

Something gay, gothic, glamorous and gory.

Is there a classic book you started and simply couldn’t finish?

Great Expectations. Aside from Bleak House, Dickens has never been my bag.

What’s your favourite gay romance/other genre book? And why?

City of Night by John Rechy. One of the first gay novels, it’s a harrowing, beautifully written detailing of gay life on the outskirts of society in the 1960s. Truly haunting.

What’s your next project?

A follow-up to Dead Celebrities.

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