Newsletter one hundred and fifty

Spring has sprung here and we’ve got some interesting visitors in the garden! Eating us out of house and home but I forgive them.


“Sauce for the Goose”, the little Jonty and Orlando story featured in “Valentine’s Delights” is now available at my free downloadable stories page. If you’ve not been there, the page is full of all sorts of things, old and new.

I’ve been pontificating at the Macaronis about seeing the words of the past through today’s eyes. Do drop in and share your thoughts on the topic.

We had a great time at Bognor with the Deadly Dames last night; the audience had great questions which really got us thinking, including “Was there anything we wouldn’t write?” I surprised myself by saying I wouldn’t attempt WWII, as my father fought in it and researching the topic would be too upsetting. Funny how simple things make you truly contemplative. Next author appearance for me’s at the Bold Strokes Books Festival. I think I’m on a panel about writing sex scenes. How hilarious will that be?


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