Rainbow snippet – Awfully Glad

This was the only one if my stories which mentions the Queen of the May, although that passing reference would make no sense in an excerpt. So I’m carrying on from the last snippet from Awfully Glad, where the female lead in the WWI forces entertainment show turned out to be not so female…

“Lieutenant Samuel Hines, gentlemen. Female impersonator extraordinaire. And a very old friend of the family,” Corry added, maybe in case his officers thought he spent all his off duty hours hanging around with men wearing lipstick.
“Not so much of the old,” Sam replied in a voice which had gone down an octave since he’d last spoken. He began to wipe the make-up off his face. “Sorry to shatter any illusions,” he said, addressing Cole, who was clearly trying to give the impression he’d known all along. “Better you know now before we get to the estaminet. A bit of footsie under the table might have ended up with you getting your shins raked.”
Corry laughed. “You should have seen Sam on the rugby pitch. Usually played hard but fair, except when the ref wasn’t looking!”
“That’s the point of the game, surely?” Browne said. “Always used to be the point at Rosslyn Park, anyway.”

Always more excellent tidbits to be found at the Rainbow snippets group.

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