Newsletter 149

We’re looking forward to a bank holiday weekend here. Monday will be the May Day holiday so England will be awash with maypoles and Morris dancers. And rain, probably…


Sauce for the Goose, the little Jonty and Orlando story featured in “Valentine’s Delights”. will go on my free fiction page an a couple of weeks. I hope it amuses you as much in the reading as it did me in the writing. It’s gone out to those who get my newsletter direct.

Have you come across The Macaronis blog? It’s a cracking resource about matters gay, romantic and historical and is being relaunched in May, including a week of posts linked to the (blog) hop for Visibility, Awareness and Equality. I’ve made a start by reposting my Mystery People e-zine article about slashy references in golden age mysteries.

And talking of blog hops, I’ve been taking part in one for Autism awareness this month, wondering whether the blue I see is the same as the blue you see.


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