Newsletter 148

Evening all! April is here with its sunshine and showers – glorious summer yesterday  and back to cold and wintry today. Bless our English weather.


I’ve relocated all my free stories to my WordPress site – including a brand new one about the adventures of the ‘college next door’, arch enemies of St. Bride’s. You can find all sorts of stories there, including Jonty and Orlando adventures, and some vintage stuff like “Blitz”. Feel free to go and fill your boots.

It doesn’t seem possible that Jury of One has been out for nearly a month!   I’ve got my mystery  writer hat on over the next couple of months, what with Deadly Dames on in Portsmouth and Bognor, but I’m back to being a romance writer for the Bold Strokes Event in June.  Thank goodness for UK Meet where I can be both at once.

You can find all the places to find me on my  upcoming appearances page. I know I’ll see some of you around and about and wish it could be all of you!


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