Rainbow snippet – Second Helpings

Which just happens to be on special offer!

“Stuart Collins?” The voice in his ear made him jump. If he’d already got a pint in, he’d have ended up wearing most of it.
“Paul Franklin?” Stuart stuck his hand out.
“Yep.” Paul had a firm handshake and a handsome face. He was his mother’s son, no doubt, the fine high cheekbones that had kept her young-looking brought a classical elegance to him. He was even better looking than the guy in the Insignia. Stuart tried to dismiss the thought.
“Drink?” he replied, for want of having much else constructive to say.
“I’ll get them in. Thanks for coming.”
“My pleasure. Gave me something to do. Make mine a pint of . . .” Stuart scanned the pump handles, “Doom Bar.” Nice-looking fellah, good beer, things were going surprisingly well.
“I’ll have the same. Want to get us a table?”

More fantastic tidbits at the Rainbow snippets groups.

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