Newsletter 147

This is the first newsletter I’m sending out concurrently via Mailchimp – all part of me moving towards being a more efficient and effective Charlie going forward. Next stop sorting out my website!


I’ll be doing all sorts of newsletter related things over the rest of the year. The first is to offer a download of Lessons in Love audio version. I’ll draw a winner for that from all the people on my mailing list on June 1st, which will be the 8th anniversary of me being published! If you know of anyone who wants to join, there’s a sign up sheet here.

There will be more goodies on offer and you’ll hear about them first here.

In other news, the Deadly Dames will be producing their brand of murder, mirth and mayhem in Bognor (which is a real place, honest) in May.

And Jury of One getting some great reviews including at Kirkus who said “Cochrane strikes a fine balance between the two in story of professional meets personal—which should please those who don’t want to take either one too seriously.”

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