Rainbow snippet – Jury of One

Has to be another bit of Jury of One today as it’s now out!

“A case?” Adam said in the supportive tones—supportive but with an edge of resignation—he used on these occasions.
“Yeah. A bloke’s been murdered. Stabbing,” Robin said between mouthfuls.
“Blimey. It’s getting like Morse’s Oxford round here.” Adam half filled Robin’s mug. “Here, wash those pancakes down.”
“Thanks. And this is hardly Morse country. It’s only the second murder investigation I’ve led on.”
“That’s two too many.” Adam patted Robin’s hand. “Sorry. I shouldn’t be so tetchy.”
“I should be the one apologising. For buggering up the weekend.”
“It’s not your fault, it’s your job. Like marking a ton of books is mine.” Adam smiled. “And it’s best part of a year since the last one, so I shouldn’t complain, even though I probably will.”

More little excerpts at the Rainbow snippets group.

20 thoughts on “Rainbow snippet – Jury of One”

    1. Oh, my goodness yes. I’ve now discovered multiple new-to-me authors whose work I can’t wait to get my hands on. But my spouse says I can count my book purchases as business expenses if they’re in the same genre I write, though. 😀

  1. I love the ordinariness of this moment, just having breakfast and talking about their jobs. It’s comforting, homey, and familiar.

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