Anyone for some early Wodehouse?

Before PG Wodehouse wrote Jeeves and Wooster, back in pre WWI days, he wrote several school based stories. Several of these are available free online if you go a hunting; as I like print I got an anthology from the library with “The Gold Bat”, “The Head of Kay’s” and “The White Feather”.

I enjoy these sorts of books as a bit of a naughty feeling treat, particularly all the cricket and rugby references. As works of fiction you could pick them to pieces, especially with a modern viewpoint, but they’re great fun. And, of course, there’s always some unintentional slash to savour.

From “The Head of Kay’s”, where Kennedy (shades of my beloved Archie!) has been made head of another house – the eponymous Kay’s – so has to move from his, which he’s shared with his pal Jimmy.

“…It’s a beastly situation.”
“Beastly,” agreed Jimmy Silver. “Look here,” he added, after a pause, “there’s no reason, you know, why this should make any difference. To us, I mean. What I mean to say is, I don’t see why we shouldn’t see each other just as often, and so on, simply because you are in another house, and all that sort of thing. You know what I mean.”
He spoke shamefacedly, as was his habit whenever he was serious. He liked Kennedy better than anyone he knew, and hated to show his feelings. Anything remotely connected with sentiment made him uncomfortable.
“Of course,” said Kennedy, awkwardly.
“You’ll want a refuge,” said Silver, in his normal manner, “now that you’re going to see wild life in Kay’s. Don’t forget that I’m always at home in my study in the afternoons—admission on presentation of a visiting-card.”

Such images this conjures up!

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