Newsletter 146

It’s been a lovely spring-like morning followed by a (pathetic) sprinkling of snow this afternoon. At least three seasons in the day so far. Just don’t mention central heating systems, sunken roofs or bathroom lights as I may go all twitchy. Been a bit of a week!


It’s been a busy year so far and due to get even busier.

Cambridge Fellows:
• the audio version of Lessons in Love is available from all the usual outlets.
• Capital Crimes (with poor Jonty getting into a pickle before he even leaves for France) is now out in print as well as ebook.
• You can still download a free Jonty and Orlando tale in the anthology Valentine delights.

Lindenshaw Mysteries:
• This month sees the release of Jury of One. It’s on reduced price pre-release offer.
• There’ll be the usual blog tour, all the stops of which are listed here.

Author appearances:
News to follow about the Deadly Dames in Portsmouth and Bognor. I’m also appearing at Selsey authors in August, the first time I’ve been able to make it as I’m usually on holiday. I just hope Simon Brett will be there so I can fangirl him.

And finally:
Where I was a week ago – not Paris but Cardiff!

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