Newsletter 145

We’re having a busy few weeks, chez Cochrane. We’ve just got back from Swindon where we saw Aggers and Tuffers (that will only mean something to you if you listen to cricket on the radio) then next week we’re off to see Wales vs France in Cardiff. Allez les Bleus!


I come bearing a couple of gifts: 

A little bit of Jonty, Orlando and an academic gown, as part of the free anthology Valentine’s Delights. 

More Jonty (on his own and in trouble)  free  and gratis today only in the anthology Capital Crimes.

You’ve  got about a week left to enter the Goodreads competition for a  copy of Lessons in Desire and a download of Lessons in Love audio. 

If you felt like voting for Lessons for Survivors which is up for best m/m book at Love Romances Café  or indeed as best historical at the same place  you have until February 20th to do so.


And finally: 

A wordle for my two favourite boys.

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