Rainbow snippet – Don’t Kiss the Vicar

I was on prayer duty at church this evening, so it seems appropriate to have a clerical snippet, from Don’t Kiss the Vicar.

Once the pair of them had the church to themselves, Harry being the only one apart from the vicar allowed to come and go in the vestry at will, the old man stopped in mid-tidy, put his head to one side and said, “Don’t let Margaret get to you. She’d try the patience of Job himself.”
“She certainly wouldn’t be one of his comforters.” Dan hung up his vestments. “I appreciate the thought. I sometimes think she’s got in for me.”
“She’s got it in for everybody. If Our Lord turned up, she’d give Him an earful for being a long-haired leftie. And it isn’t just you,” Harry continued, weighing a hymnbook in his hands. “The previous vicar used to raise her ire because he was too fuddy-duddy, she said. Nobody could ever win with her. So don’t bother trying, that’s my advice. Be all things to all men, and you’ll be nothing to nobody.”

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