Rainbow snippet – and giveaway!

As I’ve opened a rafflecopter giveaway for the audio version of Lessons in Love, today’s snippet has to come from there!

They heard the first hints of commotion as they passed through the archway—raised voices, scuffling feet, a hint of rising panic in the air. Then they saw Lee, the porter, running in the direction of the Master’s lodge and a crowd of students around the entrance to a staircase.
“Not again, Coppersmith. It can’t be, surely.”
Jonty looked confused and frightened. They had all assumed they were now safe, that St. Bride’s had been rid of the menace once and for all. They strode over to the melee, where Summerbee the porter now stood guard.



2 thoughts on “Rainbow snippet – and giveaway!”

  1. At the risk of repeating myself, I *love* these two. I’ve now bought the audio version and fallen for them all over again 😀

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