Sunday snippet

Slightly more than the standard six sentences. This is from The shade on a fine day, my Regency gay romance.

“Mr. Swann, I’m not sure how it is for you up at the big house, but for a bachelor in holy orders although out of wedlock, life can be difficult. I find myself having continually to walk a thin line. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t receive a basket of cakes, a jar of jam or a scarf. If I kept them all, it would be the height of greed.”
“So you give them away?”
“I do. Every one of them, although I’m not stupid enough to do it in this parish. And I wouldn’t have done it in this instance, had I known.” William cast a sidelong glance at his companion – a slight thawing was evident. “The only thing that stops me becoming obese or overwrapped is the reciprocal arrangement I have with Mr. Regan. He’s the curate of St Benedict’s in Harmington.”
“Is he regarded as highly eligible, too?” There was a sudden release of tension, and an unexpected hint of amusement, in Benjamin’s voice.

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